Shin-etsu Trail

Guided Hiking

The difference of a guided hike

Trekking the Shin-etsu Trail with an official guide is one of the best ways to get the most out of this wonderful experience. A guide can point out that rare plant that you might otherwise walk right by, or the faint traces of animals that have passed by, the history of the people who have passed through here over the centuries—they can reveal countless new discoveries! Many of the guides are from the local area, and are in touch with the nature of the Shin-etsu Trail area every day. We are confident that your interaction with the guide will help uncover the unique nature and culture of the area. Read more below, then feel free to contact us to arrange for your own guided hiking!

Registered Shin-etsu Trail guides

Only those people who meet all the conditions below can be considered for registration as an official Shin-etsu Trail guide. We see the role as a very important one that can help hikers to better connect with the area.

  1. Be a regular member of the Shin-etsu Trail Club;
  2. Have a thorough understanding of the purpose and content of Shin-etsu Trail Club activities;
  3. Have attended a guide course conducted by the Shin-etsu Trail Club;
  4. Have participated in the Shin-etsu Trail Club’s trail maintenance activities;
  5. Have completed general first aid training by the Japanese Red Cross;
  6. Always carry first aid kits with them when guiding, and know how to use them;
  7. Have thorough knowledge of the nature, culture and history of the Shin-etsu Trail area;
  8. Be able to guide guests while also following proper Trail etiquette;
  9. Have hiked all the main trail sections of the Shin-etsu Trail;
  10. Participate in Shin-etsu Trail Ranger activities.

Guide fees (for one guide)

Half-day (four hours or less):¥15,000
Full day (eight hours or less): ¥20,000

Note: times above are from the time the guide joins the group until they leave the group.

Maximum number of guests per guide

In principle, one guide will lead no more than eight guests, in order to ensure safety, environmental protection and guest.


  1. Please pay the guide fee to the Shin-etsu Trail Club.
  2. Guide times above are from the time the guide joins the group until they leave the group.
  3. If the guide is with the group for more than eight hours, a fee of ¥3,750 will be charged for each additional hour.
  4. If, depending on the course, the departure and arrival points are different, the guide will be responsible for transportation and related costs for travel to and from the points.
  5. Please note that, due to scheduling and the timing of the application, guides may not be available at all times. For corporate and other customers who may not know the final number of guests attending in advance, please use the contact form to notify the Shin-etsu Trail Club Secretariat.

Guide request form

※Please fill in the information below to reserve guide service for your desired dates. All fields marked by a red asterisk are required.

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Privacy policy

The Shin-etsu Trail Club has created the following privacy protection policy, including the recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, and establishing methods to protect personal information.

  1. Management of personal information
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club will make every effort to keep our users’ personal information accurate and up to date, including implementing methods to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc. of that personal information, and will take the necessary measures to strictly manage personal information, such as the maintenance of information security and management systems, thorough employee education, and other measures.
  2. Use of personal information
    The personal information that is entrusted to us by our website guests will be used to contact and provide guidance to them, to send email messages and answer user questions.
  3. Prohibitions on release of personal information to third parties
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club will properly manage the personal information entrusted to us; we will never disclose personal information to third parties accept when one of the following is true:

    • When we receive the consent of the user;
    • When the information is disclosed to contractors in order to provide services requested by the user;
    • When disclosure is necessary in order to comply with laws and regulations.
  4. Personal information security measures
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club takes all possible security measures to ensure both the accuracy and the safety of personal information.
  5. User inquiries
    Any user who wishes to inquire about, correct or delete their personal information will be allowed to do so once confirmation has been made that the user is indeed the person making the request.
  6. Compliance with laws and regulations
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club will comply with all Japanese laws and regulations in regard to our privacy policy, review the contents of this policy as appropriate, and work to continuously improve it.
  7. Contact
    For any inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact the Secretariat of the Shin-etsu Trail Club.

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