Shin-etsu Trail

Request for Shinetsu Trail Conservation Fund Contributions

In October 2018, the Shinetsu Trail welcomed its 10th anniversary since the opening of all courses. With the recent increase in number of overseas hikers, the trail has become a place that is enjoyed by everyone. The Shinetsu Trail Club started in 2003 as a non-profit group that works to conserve the trail. Since then the club has been supported by many people and volunteers. Without their support, we would not be active today.

However, to ensure that we can provide an enjoyable but safe experience for everyone, maintenance funds as well as labor is required. In the search for a way to become an independent system in conserving the trail, we have decided to start the Shinetsu Trail Conservation Fund.

As the number of hikers who visit the trail increase, the ecosystem around it is also affected. To ensure the safety of our hikers and to conserve the ecosystem, frequent maintenance is required. Therefore, we request each hiker to contribute a small fee to help us protect the trail and the environment surrounding it.

All funds raised will be used for purchasing equipment, and funds needed for staff and environment protection. All of the above are necessities to help us continue our work in providing a safe and enjoyable experience.

We believe that all the members here at the Shinetsu Trail Club, as well as everyone who hikes have a role in protecting this beautiful trail. Please help us by contributing to the Shinetsu Trail Conservation Fund.

Thank you for your cooperation

Hiroshi Kimura
Shinetsu Trail Club (NPO) President
May 2019

Get your own Shin-etsu Trail tag!

All those who pay the maintenance cooperation fee will receive an original Shin-etsu Trail tag as a symbol of your support. The design and color of the tag changes annually. Be sure to attach it to your backpack when you’re hiking!
*One tag per person. When applying as a group, please indicate the number of members in the remarks column on the application form.


We respectfully request ¥1,000 from all people hiking the Trail; if you like, a larger donation is always appreciated!
*Donations from others not hiking the Trail, but who would like to support us, are always highly appreciated.


Items will be shipped by EMS.
EMS stands for "Express Mail Service" and is an international airmail service provided by Japan Post. It is also possible to track the mail, and there is a compensation system in case the package does not arrive.
Note: Shipping to areas not on the EMS delivery list is not accepted.


Fill out the application form and pay using the following method.


Through the Internet, or by wire transfer

Please fill in the information requested on the application from, and pay by one of the following methods:

●Credit Card

●At convenience stores
Payment can be made through any of the convenience stores listed below. Please note that that there is a ¥200 handling fee for payment at a convenience store.

●Next-month payment
This payment method uses Paidyfor payment on the following month, through the convenience stores and banks listed below.
*Please note that payment through Paidy cannot be canceled, returned or exchanged.

Payment through PayPal, using your regular credit card. Even customers who do not have a PayPal account can make use of this service. Payment can also be made through a bank (net banking not required, and there is no transfer fee).

●Bank transfer
Payment can be made by wire transfer from any domestic bank. Handling fees will depend on the individual bank.
*A dedicated account will be created for each order.

●Mobile carrier payment (au, DoCoMo, SoftBank)
Payment made along with your monthly mobile phone charges. Handling fee of ¥200.

●Rakuten Pay
Payment using your Rakuten ID, which also rewards and allows you to use Rakuten Points.


Cash payment at visitor centers

Payment can also be made at any of the Shin-etsu Trail visitor centers—and you’ll receive your Shin-etsu Trail Tag immediately after making payment!