Shin-etsu Trail

Section Introduction


Busuno Tōge pass – Nonoumi Tōge pass - Fukasaka Tōge pass – Mt. Amamizu

Section length: 12.8 kilometers; Time required: approx. 7 hours (not including the approach to Mt. Amamizu)

Section highlights

This is a section that often feels like the Trail has entered untouched nature; many giant beech trees can be found around Nonoumi Ike pond. There are many unusual and rare plants in and around Nonoumi wetland. Immediately after the snow melts, iwauchiwa (Shortia uniflora), a very rare flower, blooms here, while in autumn the colors are spectacular. Photography fans will be busy on this section of the Trail!

Busuno Tōge pass
  • 駐車場
Highway 495, a 10-minute walk on the Niigata side駐車場
Nabekura Kōgen Mori no Ieビジターセンター駐車場トイレ宿泊施設
Cupid Valley Center Houseビジターセンター駐車場トイレ宿泊施設
Sugawa Tōge pass
Mt. Hishigatake, Hishigatake tent site (closed)
Mt. Hishigatake, Hishigatake tent site テント水(closed)
Nishi-Mado wetland
Nonomi Tōge pass
Nonomi wetland
・Nonomi Kōgen tent siteテント水トイレ
To Hirataki waterfall, Shōbu Kōgen
Northernmost point of Nagano Prefecture
Misaka Tōge pass
  • 駐車場
Expansive views of the Niigata side
To Hirataki waterfall
Steep slopes on the Niigata side; be especially careful on rainy days
Mt. Sanpodake<1138m>
Mt. Amamizu<1088m>

Key points

point1 This is the longest section on the Trail, so keep an eye on your physical condition as the Trail will continue to rise and fall.

point2 This section will have lingering snow on the Trail longer than any other section, so be sure to check on Trail conditions before you hike in spring.

point3 The section includes sharp ridges and steep slopes. Hike carefully, especially when it rains.


Busuno Tōge pass

The starting point for Sections 5 and 6. Crossing highway 403, there is parking space for one or two cars. Vehicles cannot turn at the pass. There is a larger parking lot about 10 minutes by foot from the pass on the Niigata side.

Nonoumi Tōge pass

Accessible by vehicles, with a small parking lot for about three cars. There are often road closures in spring due to fallen trees and landslides.

Misaka Tōge pass

Currently accessible from the Nagano side; the Niigata side has closed due to a landslide. The approach to the Nonoumi camp site is close by here.

Mt. Amamizu

The starting point for sections 6 and 7. Unfortunately, it does not provide good views. From here it is about a 45-minute descent to the Mt. Amamizu Matsunoyama trailhead.

Mt. Amamizu Matsunoyama trailhead

Provides parking space for about three cars, and a bio-toilet.

  • Tent site
  • Accommodations

on the trail, within walking distance of the trail

  • Nonoumi tent site
  • Hishigatake tent site (closed)
  • Daigonji Kōgen campsite

off-trail accommodations

  • jōetsu city
  • matsunoyama onsen
  • echigo tanaka onsen
  • Sakae Village

information on the trail and nearby facilities