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Corporate Partners, Sponsorship

Companies and organizations supporting the Shin-etsu Trail

Thinking toward the future of the Trail

Shin-etsu Trail supporters are not only individuals but many corporations and other organizations. The donations they provide help us to preserve the Trail, and also the wonderful natural world in which it runs.

Our sincere gratitude to all of them, and we welcome anyone interest to also consider becoming our sponsor as well!

THE NORTH FACE 佐川急便 コンサベーション·アライアンス·ジャパン
小布施堂 角口酒造店 水尾 A&F ALEX トレイルズ SUNWEST アウトドア専門学童クラブ
斑尾高原観光協会 戸狩観光協会 信州いいやま観光局 森の家

An invitation for donations, and for new special members

The Shin-etsu Trail Club was established in September of 2003; it received approval to function as a non-profit organization (NPO) in February of 2004. The Club’s goal is to build regional cooperation through the Shin-etsu Trail, focusing on the local natural environment, culture and history. The interaction with people visiting the Trail in order to encounter nature will contribute to regional revitalization and tourism. The funds for the activities we carry out are to some degree covered by the membership fees of individual members, the sales of maps and guidebooks, guide and event fees and subsidies, but these alone are not enough.
The Shin-etsu Trail first opened in 2005 with a 50-kilometer length; this was extended to 80 kilometers in 2008, and has welcomed a large number of hikers. It was extended all the way to Mt. Naeba in 2021, resulting in a 111-kilometer length, and the project continues to move ahead. Today there are long-trail projects all over Japan, and the idea of a walking trip is becoming part of a new culture. As the representative long trail of Japan, our mission at the Shin-etsu Trail is continue for the next 50 years and 100 years, as we move on to the next generation.
We want to thank all our current supporters, and also encourage others who understand our activities and want to support us to join as well!


¥1,000 or more

  • All those donating will receive an original Shin-etsu Trail tag.

Special member—sponsoring company

¥50,000 or more

  • All special members will be added to the corporate banners displayed on the Shin-etsu Trail website.

To donate

Bank payment

Bank name: Hachijuni Bank
Branch name: Iiyama (イイヤマ支店)
Account type: Futsu
Account no.: 548141
Account name (please use the Japanese): 特定非営利活動法人信越トレイルクラブ 代表理事 木村宏
Account name in kana: トクヒ)シンエツトレイルクラブ ダイヒヨウリジキムラヒロシ
When sending money via the Internet, please specify Shin-etsu Trail Club as:シンエツトレイルクラブ

Payment through Japan Post

Bank name: Yuucho Ginko
No.: 00510
Account: 80906
Account name (please use the Japanese): 特定非営利活動法人信越トレイルクラブ
Account name in kana: トクヒ)シンエツトレイルクラブ