Shin-etsu Trail

Join us: Membership in the Shin-etsu Trail Club

We’re always looking for people who’d like to join with us in our activities as we work to protect the important and beautiful natural world of the Shin-etsu Trail, and to maintain this invaluable resource for hikers from around the world.

The Shin-etsu Trail Club was first established in 2003, and received non-profit status in 2004. The Club has continued since then in maintaining and extending the Trail, and in creating activities so that more people can enjoy this unique facility. At the heart of these activities are the members of the Shin-etsu Trail Club. They are the guardians of the Trail, the people who truly understand its value and support it in many ways.

The Club activities are aimed at energizing local communities, protecting the amazing natural heritage of this area and the traditional satoyama way of harmony of people and nature, and ensuring that all of this is passed on to future generations.

There’s something to do for those who are interested in trail maintenance and trail usage projects, or who want to apply their own particular skills to the project, or who can’t actively participate in maintenance or other activities but would like to assist behind the scenes.

Every member has their own reasons and motivations for joining the Shin-etsu Trail Club—there are no rules! In fact, you really don’t have to do anything other than simply voice your support by becoming a Member! Sharing your feeling for and support for the Trail will encourage others to join as well.

The foundation of the Shin-etsu Trail was laid down by Noriyoshi Kato, who was the director of the Club from 2003 until his untimely passing in 2014. The charter created by Kato-san is where we return as the source for our activities.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Member of the Shin-etsu Trail Club!

Membership requirements

Main activities

We invite you to join us in the following activities:

  • Trail maintenance
  • Environmental surveys and conservation activities
  • Guide training and dispatch
  • Environmental awareness activities for local organizations
  • Events, including nature observation gatherings and trekking tours
  • Public relations activities, including the Club website and newsletter

Member benefits

  • Membership card
  • Discount price for participation in Shin-etsu Trail Club events
  • Participation in Members-only trekking events
  • Receive information on Shin-etsu Trail Club activities
  • Eligibility to participate in the Shin-etsu Trail Club General Assembly

Membership period

Annual membership extends to the end of March, regardless of when you first became a member. You will receive a notice of continuation of Membership in April.

Membership fees

Initiation fee


Annual fee

Regular individual member, with voting rights:¥6,000*

Supporting member, no voting rights:
   Individual: ¥3,000   Group:¥10,000

* Only regular members can vote at the General Assembly

After filling in the application form, please remit payment to one of the financial institutions below:

Bank payment Payment through Hachijuni Bank

Bank name:

 Hachijuni Bank

Branch name:

 Iiyama (イイヤマ支店)

Account type:


Account no.:


Account name (please use the Japanese):

代表理事 木村宏

Account name in kana:


When sending money via the Internet, please specify Shin-etsu Trail Club as:

Bank payment Payment through Japan Post

Bank name:

 Yuucho Ginko





Account name (please use the Japanese):


Account name in kana:


Special membership

We welcome corporate partners and sponsors of the Shin-etsu Trail, who form our special members.

Membership application

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Privacy policy

The Shin-etsu Trail Club has created the following privacy protection policy, including the recognition of the importance of protecting personal information, and establishing methods to protect personal information.

  1. Management of personal information
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club will make every effort to keep our users’ personal information accurate and up to date, including implementing methods to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, etc. of that personal information, and will take the necessary measures to strictly manage personal information, such as the maintenance of information security and management systems, thorough employee education, and other measures.
  2. Use of personal information
    The personal information that is entrusted to us by our website guests will be used to contact and provide guidance to them, to send email messages and answer user questions.
  3. Prohibitions on release of personal information to third parties
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club will properly manage the personal information entrusted to us; we will never disclose personal information to third parties accept when one of the following is true:

    • When we receive the consent of the user;
    • When the information is disclosed to contractors in order to provide services requested by the user;
    • When disclosure is necessary in order to comply with laws and regulations.
  4. Personal information security measures
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club takes all possible security measures to ensure both the accuracy and the safety of personal information.
  5. User inquiries
    Any user who wishes to inquire about, correct or delete their personal information will be allowed to do so once confirmation has been made that the user is indeed the person making the request.
  6. Compliance with laws and regulations
    The Shin-etsu Trail Club will comply with all Japanese laws and regulations in regard to our privacy policy, review the contents of this policy as appropriate, and work to continuously improve it.
  7. Contact
    For any inquiries regarding this privacy policy, please contact the Secretariat of the Shin-etsu Trail Club.

I agree with the above privacy policy.