Shin-etsu Trail

Section Introduction


Mt. Madarao - Manzaka Tōge pass - Mt. Hakama-dake - Aka Ike pond

Section length: 8.5 kilometers Time required: approx. 6 hours (not including approach to Mt. Madarao)

Section highlights

If the weather is nice, the view from Mt. Madarao provides a complete picture of the Shin-etsu Trail. The terrain and plants are quite varied in Section 1. There are many ups and downs on the Trail, so set a comfortable pace and preserve your strength.

Mt. Madarao <1382m>
Good view
Oike (Madarao no Yu)駐車場トイレ
Sugakawa trailhead
Furumi trailhead
Walk across ski area
Manzaka Tōge pass
Highway 97 to Yama no Ie, Hotel Tangram
Hakama Shitsugen (wetland)
Winding route in beautiful forest
Mt. Hakama-dake <1135m>
Wide space on summit
Aka Ike pond
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
  • テント
  • 水
Highway 97 to Yama no Ie, Tarumoto village

Key points

point1 Much of the walk on Mt. Madarao is on the ski slopes; there will be almost no shade, so take precautions against the heat in summer.

point2 If it does happen to rain while traveling on the ski slopes, the Trail can become very slippery. Take your time, especially when descending.

point3 Snow may remain on the summit of Mt. Madarao and the north side of Mt. Hakamadake until late May; be sure to get the latest information before setting out.


Resthouse Tyrol, Mt. Madarao trailhead

Parking space available for about 10 cars. If extended parking is required, please contact the Shin-etsu Trail Club Secretariat. It will take about 1 hour 30 minutes to climb from here to the summit of Mt. Madarao, or about 1 hour 10 minutes descending from the summit.

Mt. Madarao summit

A 10-minute hike from the summit will take you to Mt. Daimyojin-dake, a sub-peak with excellent views of Lake Nojiri and the Shinetsu Mountains.

Manzaka Tōge pass

Possible access by car from both Nagano and Niigata.

Mt. Hakama-dake

Seating is available at the summit. Outstanding, wide view of Mt. Myōkō.

Aki Ike pond

Possible access by microbus. Parking for 20 vehicles, toilet, water.

  • Tent site
  • Accommodations

On the Trail, within walking distance of the Trail

  • Madarao Kogen
  • Tangram
  • Aka Ike pond
  • Note: Camping is also available at Madarao Kōgen Camping Park and Madarao no Yu Camp Space.

Off-Trail accommodations

  • Iiyama downtown
  • Shinano-daira
  • Togari Onsen
  • Nozawa Onsen
  • Kijimadaira

Information on the Trail and nearby facilities