Shin-etsu Trail

Section Introduction


Koakazawa – Mt. Naeba trailhead, first station – third station – Mt. Naeba summit

Section length: 8.5 kilometers; Time required: approx. 5-6 hours (not including the approach from the summit of Mt. Naeba)

Section highlights

The route travels from villages in a deep valley to Alpine marshes—the change in elevation is some 1,350 meters. This is a section that requires knowledge in mountain climbing, and good physical strength.

Tonenbo, the Akiyama-go Information Center
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
Accommodations, onsen and shops available in Koakasawa Village
Mt. Naeba trailhead, ichi gōme (first station)<933m>
Ōse no Taki waterfall
San gōme (third station)<1319m>
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
  • 水
Steep rocky areas from the sixth to the ninth stations; slippery, so be careful
The area from the eighth station to the summit is an Alpine wetland
Mt. Akakura, Mt. Saburyū
Mt. Naeba Nature Experience Exchange Center (Naeba summit hut)
  • トイレ
  • 水
  • 宿泊施設
Mt. Naeba<2145m>
Wada Goya hut宿泊施設
Haraigawa Trailhead
Akayu Onsen宿泊施設
Motohashi Trailhead
Komatsubara wetland

Key points

point1 This is a real mountain-climbing section, as the summit is more than 2,000 meters above sea level. You’ll need good climbing gear and the physical strength to carry it and get up the mountain. The first snow each year is around the beginning of October; snow will remain until early July.

point2 There are steep ups and downs from the third station up to the summit of Mt. Naeba. There is also a section that is climbed using fixed chains. Consider your physical fitness level, and careful plan for the section.

point3 Make a reasonable plan for the climb. Doing the round trip to the summit in one day, or completing the section from Koakazawa to the Mt. Naeba summit and then on to the Kaedegawa trailhead (toward Echigo-Yuzawa) in one day will take time and considerable strength. Staying at the mountain lodge at the summit is recommended.


Tonenbo, the Sakae Akiyama-gō Information Center

The starting point for sections 9 and 10, depending on hiking direction. An exhibition introduces the history and culture of Akiyama-gō. Toilet and parking available.

Third station, Mt. Naeba

Large parking lot and toilet available. There are many people climbing Mt. Naeba, so it can be crowded on weekends from July to September.

Naeba summit hut

A mountain lodge near the summit, Open from June to late October.

Haraigawa trailhead

The most popular starting point for climbing Mt. Naeba. This is the recommended route for the section between Echigo-Yuzawa Station and the Shin-etsu Trail. Accessible by car or taxi from Echigo-Yuzawa Station.

Motohashi trailhead

Trail begins here for the summit of Mt. Naeba via Akayu Onsen. Several sections of fixed climbing chains. This is an advanced route, with few climbers. Accessible by bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station (Minami-Echigo Kanko Bus) or taxi. Accommodations are available at Akayu Onsen.

  • Tent site
  • Accommodations

on the trail, within walking distance of the trail

  • Koakasawa Village
  • Mt. Naeba summit hut
  • Akayu Onsen

off-trail accommodations

  • Echigo-Yuzawa
  • Mimata pension area

information on the trail and nearby facilities