Shin-etsu Trail

Section Introduction


Mt. Amamizu – Satoyama Deai – Mori-Miyanohara Station

Section length: 7.2 kilometers; Time required: approx. 4 – 5 hours

Section highlights

This section links the Sekida Mountains to the foothills of Mt. Naeba, and passes over mountains and through villages. Satoyama Deai is the border, as the Trail changes from a mountain path to paved road. The beech forest near the Matsunoyama trailhead is off the main Trail, but is very beautiful and well worth a side trip.

Mt. Amamizu<1088m>
Matsunoyama Trailhead
  • 駐車場
  • トイレ
Echigo-Tsumari Daigonji Kogen Campsiteビジターセンター駐車場トイレテント水宿泊施設
Views toward Tsunan and the Myōhō breeding ranch
Satoyama Deai<575m>
  • 駐車場
Walk along roads and narrow farm tracks
JR Mori-Miyanohara Station; Kizuna, the Sakae Village Reconstruction Memorial Hall<289m>
  • ビジターセンター駐車場トイレ

Key points

point1 The section includes a long descent from Mt. Amamizu, then a long, continuous climb from Mori-Miyanohara Station.

point2 Along with Section 6, this will see snow lingering longer than anywhere else on the Trail. Always check in springtime before heading out.

point3 The section on paved road slopes, and it’s easy to strain the knees. Walk slowly, and take plenty of breaks!


Matsunoyama trailhead

Parking space is available here for about three cars. A simple toilet is available.

Satoyama Deai

Located in the middle of Section 7; on the north side is mountain trail, to the south is paved road. Can be accessed by car from Mori-Miyanohara. Parking space for two cars.

JR Mori-Miyanohara Station

The northern gateway to the Sekida Mountains. The station is on the JR Iiyama Line, which links Nagano City to Nagaoka City in Niigata. It can also be accessed by bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station.

  • Tent site
  • Accommodations

on the trail, within walking distance of the trail

  • Echigo-Tsumari Daigonji Kōgen Campsite
  • Area around Mori-Miyanohara Station

off-trail accommodations

  • matsunoyama onsen
  • echigo tanaka onsen
  • Tomato no Kuni

information on the trail and nearby facilities