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Note on the use of the parking lot of the “Tonenbo”, Akiyama-go Information Center


When hiking the Shin-etsu Trail, please be careful of the following points when parking your car at the “Tonenbo ” , Akiyama-go Information Center, located in Koakasawa, Sakae Village (starting point of the ections 9 and 10). Also, please be sure to contact the Akiyama Branch of the Sakae Village Office in Tonenbo.

①Parking should be limited to 2 – 3 days.
②We reserve the right to deny use of the parking lot if it interferes with other users of the facility.
③Please do not stay overnight in your car or use a fire in the parking lot.
④Parking lot is closed during the snow season.

NOTE: “ Tonenbo ” is a public facility (Sakae Village Office Akiyama Branch, Koakazawa Post Office, Akiyama Clinic, Reference Room, etc.) and the parking lot is for facility users only. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation for the convenience of Shin-etsu Trail hikers. We ask that you use the parking lot with due consideration so as not to inconvenience users of the facilities.