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Shin-etsu Trail Official Guidebook & Official Maps are now on sale!

The Shin-etsu Trail has been extended to Mt. Naeba in September 2021, with a total length of 110 km.

The brand new official guidebook, which describes the entire trail in detail, and the official map, which is a must-have for hikers, are available at the following locations.

Shin-etsu Trail WEB Store;
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Shin-etsu Trail Visitor Centers ( )
TRAILS WEB Store ( )
Hikers Depot ( )
Buyo-do, a map specialty store ( )
WEST Joetsu, Sanjo, Niigata, and Nagaoka branches ( )
KAMOSHIKA SPORTS main shop, Yokohama and Matsumoto branches ( )
Ginza NAGANO ( )
Michinoku Costal Trail’s Natori Trail Center ( )
Iyama Yutaki Onsen hot spring ( )
Roadside Station: Hana no Eki Chikumagawa ( )

Please note that the price of each item includes tax but does not include shipping charges.

・Official Guidebook (Japanese ver.) [Sections 1-10]: 1,980 JPY
・Official Guidebook (English ver.) [Sections 1-10]: 1,500 JPY
・Official Map 1 [Mt. Madarao – Wakui]: 500 JPY
・Official Map 2 [Wakui – Maki Toge pass]: 750 JPY
・Official Map 3 [Maki Toge pass – Mt. Amamizu]: 750 JPY
・Official Map 4 [Mt. Amamizu – Mt. Naeba]: 750 JPY

With the guidebook and maps, you are guaranteed to enjoy the Shin-etsu Trail even more safely!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Shin-etsu Trail Club Office.