The Shin-etsu Trail runs for 80 kilometers along the border between Nagano and Niigata Prefectures, following the path of the Sekida Mountain ridge. The forests are perhaps best known for their beech trees. Tall, well-shaped beech trees form a corridor of green along the path. The packed-earth trail also makes for easy walking. The trail is closed during the winter season, however, all sections (1 –6) can be accessed starting from the end of June till early November. Spring (from mid-June to the end of July) and autumn (from mid-September to the end of October) are especially good times to visit the trail. In spring, the last traces of snow can be seen among new greenery and flowers bursting into bloom. In the fall, hikers can enjoy the brilliant colors of autumn leaves.
It takes 6 days 5 nights to hike the all the courses with accommodations. And it takes 5 days 4 nights with tent.
It takes about 2hours from Tokyo to Iiyama (Closest Station) by bullet train "Hokuriku Shinkansen". Please refer to JAPAN RAIL PASS. After having enjoyed trekking, you can go to Kyoto and Osaka via Kanazawa by bullet train and limited express. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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